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Phone: (410) 426-2220
5619 Harford Rd
BaltimoreMD   21214
Fax: (410) 426-4436
Email: info@hamiltongoodyear.com

  • Tires

    Have you checked your tires lately? They may need replacing. Find new tires to fit your vehicle with our tire finder.

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  • Battery Replacement

    Your car's battery should be examined and maintained to guarantee the performance of your automobile's electrical system.

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  • Oil Change

    Get your next oil change in Baltimore, MD and surrounding areas today!

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  • Brake Service

    Frequent inspection is a vital factor in the reliability and resilience of your brake system.

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  • Engine Repair

    We can run a complete engine diagnostics test, and take care of your engine repair needs.

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  • Tune-Up

    Tune-ups can extend the life of your vehicle and decrease the need to replace worn engine parts.

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on 5/10/17
Once again, Michael resolved a potential problem with our vehicle. They deal with us very freely and honestly with the work required. Thanks.
on 3/30/17
Everyone was polite and the work was done in within the estimated time frame given.
on 3/17/17
Your employees are very nice. Loved the price for oil change
on 2/15/17
Your service was absolutely great. Thank you so much for your help. I am seriously considering changing service centers.
on 11/16/16
The staff at Hamilton Tire and Car Center are always polite and courteous. I feel confident when I take my vehicle in to them to provide me with fair prices and competent work on my car. Their quotes are accurate, no surprises, and they do the work in a timely manner.
on 11/9/16
I have my oil changed there regularly and bought my last set of tires there a few months ago. Good service. Let me know of suggested maintenance to be done but do not try to sell me a bunch of services. Do what I ask at the price quoted.
on 9/22/16
Great ..!!!!
on 9/9/16
Great service, excellent pricing, and fit me in right before they closed which helped me out TREMENDOUSLY!!!
on 9/8/16
I took my 1997 Honda Civic for its required oil and filter change. The service was very efficiently done and I was quickly out and on my way. Very pleasing service. Thank you, Michael!
on 8/23/16
Your service is excellent. You told me what needed to be done and how much it would cost. You did not try to sell me services I did not need. The work was done timely according to my schedule.
on 7/20/16
These folks can make magic happen with your car servicing and they're fast too!
on 6/23/16
Hamilton Tire was available to me at my time of need. I was worried that I would need a new tire, but tech was able to replace. My suggestion is to remember to replace the cap back on the tire. When I discovered that the cap was missing, the store had closed. Had to go to an auto store to replace generic caps.
on 6/8/16
Mike and the whole crew were totally helpful; the tires were out of stock, but he got them within 24 hours, the installation was quick, and the price was the same as the chains.
on 5/25/16
I have every confidence in their mechanical abilities and their service. I always feel that they look out for me and my vehicle as if I were friend or family
on 4/28/16
Once again, we must thank you for giving us excellent service when needed. We had an oil loss that had to be explained. Your brought the oll level up to the mark and then added a tracer that could be used to identify the source of the leak. After a few days of normal driving, we brought the car back, the leak was located at the oil pan and the repairs were done. Problem solved!
on 4/7/16
I wish to thank Mike and Bill and Hamilton Tire & Car Center for their continuous excellent service on my 1997 Honda. With their help, it is very likely that my vehicle will reach the mileage of one-quarter of a million miles. Their mechanics are all very knowledgeable in service their customers' vehicle regardless of make. My rating is five!
on 4/3/16
five stars
the best
the only garage I will go to for any reason
on 2/29/16
Fantastic service. They fixed what two other shops couldn't do. Would recommend these folks to anyone.
on 2/27/16
We have always experienced professional service when we bring our vehicle into the shop. The staff is friendly and courteous. The prices are fair and the work is dependable. We feel comfortable and confident when our car needs repairs and we bring it to Hamilton Tire.
on 2/17/16
Great service. Friendly, helpful personnel. Would recommend.
on 2/13/16
Even during the busy season, they got the job done in a timely manner and, as usual, at a reasonable price. Every time I deal with them is one more reason to continue to do so.
on 2/11/16
I found this service to be done in a timely manner and have had no problems with the repairs made to my vehicle. The staff was friendly, courteous and helpful .
on 2/7/16
Very Good customer service
on 2/4/16
I have been going here for years and have always had a good experience.
on 2/2/16
Great service.
Will go there again
on 1/30/16
They know me and my vehicle and understand what are my priorities. Fast, polite, and open on Saturday.
on 1/19/16
Excellent service; Bill kept me informed every step of the way. I felt like I was getting good, honest services from this shop.
on 12/29/15
The service I received was excellent
my truck runs like a top prices were reasonable for the work that was done Mike did an excellent explaining the problems that truck was having and what it needed very polite and just a all around nice guy ill will be recommending people to this center. thanks Mike
for everything job well done.
on 12/29/15
Great job!! Thanks to mike my truck runs like new. I wish I knew about you guys before Im beyond satisfied, thanks guys!!
on 12/29/15
If you want a good car repair shop that gives premier customer service, supreme quality and extremely well priced car repairs, and a staff that specializes in assisting customers in proper car maintenance---don't walk, run to Hamilton Goodyear, 5619 Harford Road. I can't begin to tell about all of the many miracles they did with my 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GT, that was in really bad shape, but now drives as smooth and quiet as it did when I purchased it in 2005. A big thumbs up to Mike and the mechanics. My sister and her grandson were equally pleased with the service and repairs to his truck. Thanks again for everything.
on 12/27/15
The service was great.
on 12/20/15
Great tire repair work. No waiting and quick service. I'll return for future tire work.
on 12/18/15
My overall experience was great! Michael was professional and explained everything to me in detail. They had my vehicle towed and all charges placed on my invoice. Helped me out alot since I had no funds on me. The customer service and the discounts to assist me with my final costs was greatly appreciated. Definitely would encourage anyone with auto problems to visit Hamilton Tire and Car Care Center
on 12/4/15
I did come in last Saturday ,my indicator light was on for low tire pressure. I came in at 2;40 pm.your sign said that you close at 3 pm. I asked the clerk can you check my tires that I got at Goodyear ? He told me to come back because the air compressor was shut down for the day because we were closing !!!!! He also referred me to the filling station next door, or come back Monday......I put it off until yesterday. They rotated my tires and told me I needed front break pads. The complete job, pads at $60.00 dollars $120.00 for labor, a total of $180.00 ! No thanks .I got the pads for $ 35.00,(Auto Zone, with hardware) my labor was $50.00 . A complete total of $85. . I was treated great,by the employees watched TV and was not ripped off !!!!
on 12/3/15
I'm never taking my car anywhere else! I have recently purchased a used car and I had my state inspection completed here since then I've been a loyal customer. Mike at the front desk is superrr polite and professional. I have not been disappointed. Professional, fast, affordable service you guys are naturals at this!
on 12/3/15
Very good work , affordable and Mike is very pleasant professional and on top :)
on 12/1/15

Tom Hyland - (C) - 11/23/15

In the 57 Years I've been Driving ...
I've had many Horrible experiences with Tires.
I've been Screwed by the Best ...
Mr. Tire - Merchants - Firestone - Continental -
Ford Dealer - Honda Dealer - And More ...



. Hamilton GOODYEAR Store
On Harford Road in Hamilton Area

Here's my Story:

I deliver Meds for a Pharmacy... just left a Stop,
Turned South on Harford Road,
And I Felt it ... a Squiggle-Wiggle ...

Pulled to the curb to check ... Yep!
Right Front Tire ... Flat as a Pancake!
Checked the Trunk ... Yes!
Can of "Flat-Fix" ... Good!

Backed the car up to position valve . 8 O'clock ...
Squirted whole can in ... Nuttin' Honey!
It was about 2:50 pm.
I had 4 more Stops to make ...

When you are 75 years Old,
The idea of emptying out the Trunk,
To get underneath to the Damned "Donut"
And then Changing It ... SUCKED!

Gazing down the street, about 2 blocks away,
I saw the big GOODYEAR sign ...
Made a quick decision ...
Hope I don't ruin the Rim ...

Watched for the light to change . White Avenue ...
Checked left mirror ... Vrooom ...
Off I went ... like a "Bat Out of Hell"...
Left turn, onto the lot, in front of empty Bay.

Asked worker, Doug, to shoot some air in ...
He complied ... showed me the Hole where a nail had been ...
Bowing air out like a Banshee ... CRAP!
"Can it be Plugged?" I asked ...
Yes, but you have to go inside and check.

Told my predicament to a young Fella named Mike ...
He said sure, can Plug it, but 3 people ahead of me ...
Would cost $16.00 ... Great ... Do it!
Gave him my keys ...

Went next door and bought a cup of Java ...
Sat outside and Smoked, doing a Crossword puzzle ...
Mike stuck his head out and called my name ...
Inside, I got the Bad News ...

Can't Plug It! Steel Belt pieces sticking out of tire ...
"Sir, you need a whole Set of tires!"
Told him "I know ... scheduled to do so tomorrow."
Have Quote for 4 New Yokohamas ...
Balanced, and on the car for $364.00 ...

Mike said, "Maybe I can Match it, let's see,"
He punched the computer keyboard several times ...
Printed out a sheet, quoting me for ...
4 New Kelly Chargers with 50 K Warranty ...
Including Hazard coverage for $384.00 !

Mike told me he was the Manager ...
Third Generation, in this Spot for 60 Years!

I said: "Great! Do it!" ... and signed the Sheet.
By now, it was 3:15 pm ...

Went outside and called my fellow driver, Louie.
Explained situation and my delay ...
But it Had to be Done!

At 3:35, my car was still outside ... Began to worry ...
Went inside and asked Mike if any chance ...
Of being done by 4:00 ?
Tires being pulled & car going in Now ...

Called my next Stop & Confirmed ...
Someone would be there to Sign until 6:00 pm ... Great!

At 4:25 or so, Mike said I was done.
He explained that, as I was in a hurry,
The price included Front-End Alignment,
And I could bring car back for it ...
At my Convenience!

Gave him my Plate, Signed, Shook his hand ...
And asked: "Do you happen to be a Dog owner?"
Yes ... Three ...
Reached in my pocket and handed Mike ...
Three Dog Biscuits!

Told him I carry them for all my Patient's Dogs ...
He smiled and said:
"You don't want to get Bitten, right?"

When I informed him that I was a Writer,
And would post this "Good Story" To my Website,
He invited me behind the counter,
And showed me their Website,
Asking if I could post it There ...
"We'll See!"

Mike's Demeanor, Courtesy, and Professionalism:

Accordingly, I Shall Refer Anyone & Everyone To ...
5619 Harford Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21214
Phone: 410-426-2220



Oh ... You May Ask ...
Why was I driving around with Bald Tires?

When I purchased my New 2014 Honda Civic
In July, 2014 ... It seems that They ...
Put the Cheapest Tires on a $17,000 Plus Vehicle ...
That Wear Out around 32,000 Miles!

When I complained to Their Service Manager,
Back in September ... his reply was:


As the Sarge used to say, on Hill Street Blues ...
"Be Careful Out There!"

And ...
A Happy Thanksgiving To ALL !

(C) - TKH

P.S. my Website is:
on 11/12/15
My car was fixed in a timely manner and at a reasonable price. I return to Hamilton when my car needs attention because I value the service and trust the personnel.
on 11/9/15
I don't take my car anywhere else.
on 11/9/15
Hamilton Tire & Car center has done fine work on both of my cars. They always call to report on the needed work before they actually proceed. I really appreciate that aspect of their service. They are very honest and back up their warranty with proper actions.
on 11/9/15
The service was prompt and courteous. The price was right.
I appreciate the availability of BG products.
The wipers you replaced on our BMW are working well.
on 10/22/15
the staff was very nice the best service I ever had micheal was the best n I save a lot of money
on 7/31/15
I recently had a huge repair job over $2500 and the fine guys at good year really worked with me with a few discounts and I saved a lot of money. Their willingness to work with me while still providing the best quality of service ensures my life time commitment to get all my repair work done at their shop. I encourage others to do the same. They take the time to educate you on your repairs and what's best for your vehicle. Thanks so much for the awesome service!
Angela McCauley
on 7/23/15
Never again will I use your store!!!

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