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on 7/20/16
These folks can make magic happen with your car servicing and they're fast too!
on 6/23/16
Hamilton Tire was available to me at my time of need. I was worried that I would need a new tire, but tech was able to replace. My suggestion is to remember to replace the cap back on the tire. When I discovered that the cap was missing, the store had closed. Had to go to an auto store to replace generic caps.
on 6/8/16
Mike and the whole crew were totally helpful; the tires were out of stock, but he got them within 24 hours, the installation was quick, and the price was the same as the chains.
on 5/25/16
I have every confidence in their mechanical abilities and their service. I always feel that they look out for me and my vehicle as if I were friend or family
on 4/28/16
Once again, we must thank you for giving us excellent service when needed. We had an oil loss that had to be explained. Your brought the oll level up to the mark and then added a tracer that could be used to identify the source of the leak. After a few days of normal driving, we brought the car back, the leak was located at the oil pan and the repairs were done. Problem solved!